Getting companies noticed online and offline so that they can serve more clients and grow their businesses

Digital marketing seems like a mystery to most business owners. At Swimming Duck, we help SMBs and agencies by managing their marketing and/or media needs. This allows SMBs and agencies to focus on what they do best so they can win.

Save Time

Trying to market your business yourself or with an assistant with limited skills takes lots of time and learning.

Save Time

Filling gaps and giving you precious time back. Let our team handle your marketing and ad needs.

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Save Money

Spending your marketing budget is mission-critical for SMBs. It's one of those things you can't afford to get wrong.

Save Money

Our state-of-the-art tools give us insight into buying trends and costs that can greatly improve your ROI

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Get Noticed

We customize your strategy based on your goals. We'll get you noticed in the places where your customers hang out.

Grow Your Business

We don't market and advertise just for the fun of it. It should be to grow your business. Let's do it.

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Getting noticed today is really hard

There is SO. MUCH. NOISE. It seems impossible to get your message out and to even try you need a highly skilled FTE and a fat budget. Does this sound familiar?

  • Not showing up on Google search results?
  • Not sure where to start when buying ads offline?
  • Ready to throw in the towel?

Our Services

We offer a variety of digital and traditional marketing services from strategy to execution. Imagine how much time you could save by hiring someone else to handle your digital media and advertising.

digital media buying

Digital & Traditional Media Services

Media planning and buying. We make full use of the best industry tools to provide insight into trends, patterns, offline and online data, competitive activity for all media types.

fractional marketing help

CMO-To-Go Services

Swimming Duck provides CMO-to-Go services for short or longer-term engagements, even to the point of embedding talent at the client’s offices for part of each week for fractional CMO, VP, Director, or Media Director.

agency of record

Digital & Traditional Advertising Services

Agency-of-Record (AOR) relationships or a project partner we are here to serve.  We focus in the restaurant/retail, healthcare, e-commerce, and channel marketing worlds.

marketing consultant

Consulting Services

As an adjunct to our CMO-To-Go services, we also offer client brands and advertising agencies our expertise in business development, team structure, personality profiling, and as-needed staffing.  

Welcome to Swimming Duck

A marketing and media services firm designed to work with mid-market brands and advertising agencies who value quick, smart, creative solutions that drive transactions today at a reasonable cost.

We are a transactional agency.  We understand how to move consumers through the purchase funnel toward a meaningful business conversion at a profitable cost per acquisition.

saving money for clients

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Your cost to acquire a customer is a KPI that we keep our eye on. We’ll help you get this lower.

omnipresent marketing

Be Omnipresent

Many of our clients report back to us that their customers tell them they see them everywhere. That’s the goal. We want to make your brand omnipresent so that more customers will do business with you.

getting clients online

Doing business with the Duck is easy

discovery session

1. Discovery Session

In our discovery session, we’ll go deep to understand your company goals. We’ll do a lot of listening and take a lot of notes.

strategic work

2. We Go To Work

After we’ve crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s our team we’ll get to work on your custom strategy.

step three swimming duck

3. Get Noticed and Grow

This is what we all want. Your business is getting noticed and customers and engaging with your brand. Cheers! To get started click “Let’s talk”.

duck team walking

Why choose us

Every small and midsized business shares one or more of the same challenges:  lack of budget, lack of manpower, or lack of experience in an ever-changing digital landscape. That’s why we exist.

To help you overcome strained budgets, bandwidth challenges or shortfalls with in-house capabilities.  To eliminate or at least reduce a lot of stress in your life.

Case Studies

Tex-Mex Chain

Helped a Tex-Mex chain reverse a three-year sales decline with a limited media budget through the use of recency and a seasonal media mix.

Men's Clothing

Helped a men’s clothing company achieve almost 2,800 e-commerce sales at a 4.6:1 ROAS through a diversified media plan leveraging prospecting and retargeting.

Office Furniture

Helped an office furniture company consistently earn YOY increases in ROI (28.1:1 to 51.8:1) while maintaining an AOV at just under $500.

Furniture Retailer

Helped a well-known furniture retailer achieve its three largest sales days ever and achieve the highest same-store sales year in its 80-year history.