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The Duck can help your company in many ways 

Not all digital agencies are created equal. The Duck is led by industry pioneers and affiliated with some of the best agencies in Dallas, TX.


Focus on your genius zone

We allow you more time to focus on core businesses operations. As stated before, digital media buying can be very overwhelming; taking away precious hours from daily business operations.


Build brand awareness

With an agency like The Duck taking care of media buying, you are able to focus on messaging, outreach initiatives, SEO integration, etc. which is more productive in the long run than focusing on direct digital buys themselves.


Lower your cost

The Duck can quickly and affordably take care of everything from A-Z, internally or as an outsourced service. At the same time, you focus on other important initiatives that will decrease the bottom line.


Getting results fast

Anytime you hire an agency you’re expecting an ROI. We focus on early wins so that you can see ROI as fast as possible.

What we offer

Swimming Duck is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency. We also over our years of experience in consulting and fractional CMO services.


Based on your goals, we'll provide the right strategy so that you win.

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Traditional Media

We're experts in how to help with print media, out-of-home advertising, radio, and television.

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Digital Media

Think of digital media as media delivered through a website or mobile application

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Websites and Landing Pages

Industry-leading content management systems that are branded to fit you.

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Offering our expertise in business development, team structure, personality profiling, and as-needed staffing.

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Fractional Chief Marketing Officer to help you scale your brand or agency.

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